Thursday, March 19, 2009

Floating Eggs

Did you know?
in order to tell if an egg has gone rotten without cracking it open and exposing the horrible smell you can put it in a glass of water?

if you put it in the water and it lays on it's side it is still fresh
if it is pointing up it means it is older
if it floats (yes floats) then it is bad

an egg (fresh) will also float in salt water so try this...

take a glass and fill it half full of salt water then carefully pour plain tap water into the glass being careful not to mix the two the egg will sink through the tap water and then stop at the salt water so it will be suspended in the middle of the glass awesome!!!


  1. cool thanx for the help i am doing a scince fair on eggs floating if you could post something about that it would really help me well have a nice life

  2. wow i did not know that but now i do yeah

  3. I need more help, im doing a science project on this!!!!! I need 40 facts!!